Graphic design is an art, unique and objective. We are very proud of our team of designers, they have been exercising their creative brains for over 10 years and exceeding our clients’ expectations every single time.

Our biggest strengths in design is that we truly can translate our clients dreams into reality and create something that represents them and their brand.


A good design can make you stand out in a crowd. From Logos to Social Media graphics, it’s imperative your brand is consistent and expresses your core values and personality.

Love it or hate it, image is Key and the best way to get a design right is to follow a process. We have developed a process that has ensured the smooth running of our design projects. 

Translating your ideas into reality!


Logo Design: One of the most important and yet fun elements in graphic design. We have a separate consultation dedicated to it. We usually say to our clients your logo is kind of like your face, that is the first thing people notice about your business.

Social Media Graphics: On Social Media, the visual elements are important to attract viewers. We can prepare a template that you can amend yourself or we can look after your design ourselves.

Stationery Design: Your stationery can either make you look professional and trustworthy or like a beginner that has yet to master their skills. When we look after your stationery we can also advise on printing and gather the best quote for your requirements.

Other Design: Aside from the regular design elements, we can also support you with PowerPoint design, Newsletter Design, Corporate Greeting Cards and much more. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we will start creating a masterpiece that will represent your business.


Within graphic design there are different elements that can be created, there is a major difference between Logo Design, print design and digital design. 

Marketing Collateral Review: During our initial Marketing consultation, we often offer Marketing Material Review.

Full Marketing Collateral Design: if you require a full re-design of your Marketing Collateral we can arrange a package for you and arrange for a consultation.

Collateral Design on Demand: The most common and most used service. This combines digital and print designers and often looks after clients’ ad hoc projects - not everyone wants to revamp their entire collateral collection.

Digital Design: Designing material that is aimed for on-screen viewing. This includes a variety of digital interfaces, which have different uses.

Print Design: This refers to any material destined for printing like Stationery design, posters, brochures and so on.

Product Design: Our designers and marketing experts can support you from providing consultation to preparing the concept for your packaging and labels and ultimately design anything a product needs to be delivered to your audience.