Social Media

Social media has become a must-have marketing tool.

Whether you want to connect with your clients, suppliers, associates, employees and why not even your competitors, social media allows for those channels of communication to be open. 

Pre-SocialMedia the only way clients could get to know you, was by visiting your website or premises. With social media, people can follow you and really understand who you are and see if your values align with theirs.


But what exactly are you supposed to do on Social Media? Is it enough to just post your Offers?

Just sharing your offers is not enough on Social media. You need to connect with people, build a community, establish yourself as the Go-To person, improve your customer service and perhaps build a list, have a chat or create a group where you can connect to people and answer any questions. The possibilities are endless.

There is another side to social media that attracts business owners, and it is the ability to actively source for prospects and have a Strategic Ad campaign that allows your business to be seen by your future clients.

One key piece of advice we give our clients is not to skip your Social Media Strategy process as this can either make your Social Media successful or waste your time. 

How to be successful on social media? The Clue is in the name #BeSocial


We understand that every business is unique and not everyone requires the same amount of support. In our experience sometimes clients need more support at the beginning of their journey and then we can help them transition to a more in house solution while helping you plan for their growth.

Ultimately you decide how much control you want. We provide the skills and we will advise you but the final decision will be in your hand. 


SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY & AUDIT – Where we will prepare a clear report on your Social Media channels and design your strategy and provide an easy-to-follow plan that will keep you on track.

SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING & DESIGN – Ensuring both your image and message are reflecting your brand 

FULL SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Let us take the hassle away from you and manage your interactions, write your posts and prepare your infographics to share on Social Media

SHARED SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – This option is perfect for those businesses that want to save a bit of money and still have some input in their social media. Usually, clients draft the posts and we schedule them and build a community by looking after the interaction on the chosen platforms

LITE SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT (SCHEDULING) – Are you happy to write the content? Do you need someone to just schedule your posts and keep an eye out for any interactions? This is the option that would suit you

COMMUNITY BUILDING – Are you too busy to always interact with your followers, we will need a consultation to understand who’s who on your channel and then we can take over and interact with your audience on Social Media

Social Media