Antonella is fun to work with.
Marketing and PowerPoint ceased to be boring!
The presentation was very professional.
She listened to my ideas and didn't try to impose her ideas on me, but guided me using her expertise in the subject.
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Marketing Health Check

Is your Marketing Healthy? What is a Marketing Health Check and do you really need it?

A Marketing Health Check is carried out by an experienced Marketing Consultant who will ask a series of questions relating to your business so he/she would understand more about your company, your industry, analyse the outcome of past marketing campaigns you may have carried out and auditing your marketing materials.

We carry out Marketing Health Check for new and existing clients, we will use strategic marketing analysis tools to ascertain your situation and investments and then we would advice whether we think your correct marketing activities are working for your business, if there are simple things you can tweak or if you are in need of designing a new Marketing plan for your business so to make sure you can soar to new heights.

When do you need a Marketing Health check?
  1. Are you spending money or investing them? (if you don’t know the answer then you are probably spending them without measuring your results.

  2. Are you satisfied with the pace that your business is growing?

  3. Are you looking to expand or is your business declining? 

  4. Have you been using the same marketing tool for the past 5 or 10 years?

  5. Are you rebranding? (Some of the marketing tools you used with the previous brand might not be appropriate with the new brand)

  6. Have your competitors introduced a new product or service?

A Marketing Health Check ultimately provides you with an evaluation of your past marketing campaigns identifying the possible faults and weaknesses and using them to turn them into strengths so that you would be investing money and not wasting them!

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