I have worked consistently with Antonella at Marketing Nest for a number of years and always found her marketing expertise and professionalism to be excellent.
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Marketing Tips

When deciding to invest in marketing it is important that you truly know and understand: your business, your customers and what marketing is. Here below we have listed only some of the Marketing advice we usually give to our clients.

Strengths & Weaknesses: If you know your weaknesses you can work on them and analyse ways that you can eliminate them or at least minimise them. Your weaknesses if left alone can be your Achilles’ heel and you definitely don’t want you competitors to find it. Your strengths can help you when building a marketing message

Target Audience: when preparing a marketing campaign it’s fundamental for you to truly know your target audience. If you know who your prospects are it will be easier to design a campaign that would attract them and get their attention.

Quality First: having a fair price it’s important, but too low and you will look cheap and untrustworthy, too high you will scare customers away and look unreachable. Don’t sell on price, if your product is worth it don’t cheapen it with a marketing campaign based on how cheap you are, enhancing how great the product is, it’s more important.

Newsletter: keep you customers and prospect up to date but don’t over do it, sending a newsletter every fortnight or monthly it’s enough to keep them informed but not too much as to make them feel like you are pestering them.

Branding Consistency: Branding is not just about design, is the message you send out, the perception you create in your audience’s mind, your core values, your ethics, your messages, the way you look and sound. So make sure that whatever marketing campaign you run, your branding stays intact.

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