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 Image is more
than just a
pretty picture! 


Image is everything, remember you are your Brand!

Image is more than just design, it’s the message you send out, your company ethics and then yes of course your design.

Image is about perception and when creating a corporate identity it is important to analyse your target audience to make sure that your image will capture your prospects.

Perception: How you want to be perceived and how you are actually perceived are two key factors in building a brand.

You and your audience, are the key players in the branding game. It’s about everything your audience believe, hear, think, feel, read, see and say about you; a successful branding process takes into consideration your target audience and your business Core Values.

Branding is not only for the big corporation but it’s just as important when you are a small/medium sized business.

Our Branding Process include:

  1. Business & Market Research: Studying, Understanding, Listening and Knowing you, your business, your Industry and analyse your target audience and their consumer behaviour.
  2. Plan & Develop Branding Strategies

  3. Design Identity: Five Senses Branding (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch)

  4. Design Branding Elements (i.e. Company Name, Logo, Tagline, Website and so on)

  5. Branding Evaluation & Implementation